Mixed Media Painting: Collage Panel

Try your hand at creating a mixed media painting. Using a wooden panel, canvas or piece of card as a base, build up layers of collage, acrylic paint and drawing to complete your work. Laura will guide you through every step in detail, including how to apply layers of glazes with acrylic paint for richness of colour and luminosity.  There are four workshops in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Acrylic Glazes

Learn how to paint with acrylic glazes, building up layers of transparent colour with depth and luminosity. Laura demonstrates how to use the method to add colour to a black and white base image.

Mixed Media Painting – Part One

Working onto a panel, canvas or piece of card, make your own mixed media painting. In this workshop Laura demonstrates how to begin using collage as a base for your composition.

Mixed Media Painting – Part Two

Add colour to your collage composition with acrylic glazes. see how to tint with thin layers of paint building up depth and contrast of colour and richness.

Mixed Media Painting – Part Three

Finish up your mixed media painting with final details. Add drawing and extra pattern with permanent pens.