Indigo and Rust

We just love the combination of indigo and rust dyed fabrics. In this workshop collection we’ll guide you through the essentials of indigo dyeing, plus more advanced methods using pleating, clamping and other simple resist methods. Next try rusting your fabric with iron objects to create incredible organic patterning. There are three workshops in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Essential Indigo

Join Laura for an introduction to indigo dyeing. Learn how to mix the vat and prepare your fabrics and other materials for dyeing and watch the magic happen as the fabrics turn from limey yellow to that wonderful deep blue we all love so much.

Indigo Resist

Explore creating special effects with indigo dyeing on fabric using resist techniques. Laura demonstrates quick and easy folded, clamped and pegged resist methods to add pattern to your fabrics. She’ll demonstrate how to use the methods for a range of different results including over-dyeing previously coloured fabrics.

Rusting Fabric

Join Linda to discover how she achieves beautiful colour and pattern on fabric with rusty old objects and wire wool. This simple technique uses found items and requires no fancy chemicals, just a little white vinegar to help the process along. Oh, and a little patience while the magic happens!