Monoprint on Fabric

Explore monoprinting methods on fabric. Print your own fabulous yardage with easy monoprint methods, try using tracing and stencils for impressive figurative compositions, and then join Linda and Laura in the studio to see how Laura’s been using monoprint in her quiltmaking.


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Monoprint: Tracing and Stencils

Laura demonstrates a monoprint method to create a still life composition which can incorporate your favourite object and lots of pattern. While it might look as though drawing skills are needed, you’ll find that you can achieve this graphic print with tracing and stencils. Work on fabric using washable oil-based inks or open (slow drying) acrylics for best results. Laura used Caligo Safe Wash Inks.

Monoprinted Yardage

Laura demonstrates two methods for monoprinting on fabric. See how to print your own unique fabrics for quiltmaking or other projects.

Using Monoprint

  Join Linda and Laura in the studio as they chat while Laura works on monoprinting a new quilt top. See how she applies some of the methods we’ve shown recently on DMTV and listen as they discuss how ideas are developed and finished pieces come to be.