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Welcome to the Monoprint section of the Archives. Here we've gathered together all the content we have that features monoprint. You'll find video workshops and inspirational blog posts with lots of ideas and information to help you create some wonderful monoprints.

About Monoprinting

Monoprint is one of our favourite techniques. Why? Well because it's so versatile, immediate and easy to get started with. You can monoprint onto paper, sketchbook pages and fabric. You can use printing ink, fabric paint or acrylic. You can work in colour, black and white, in a painterly way or with a linear, graphic style. You can incorporate the use of stencils, stamps and natural materials. 

The prints you make might be complete artworks in their own right, or you might be printing to make papers for collage. Perhaps you'll use monoprint in your sketchbook as the basis for exciting pages. Or maybe you'll print on fabric to create beautiful cloth for your quilts, garments or stitched textiles?

You'll only need simple equipment to get started and in our video workshops we'll guide you through the processes to achieve great results. 

If you're new around here, a great place to start is our free Exploring Monoprint workshop. Enjoy.

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