The Monoprinted Moths are Multiplying!


If you visit this blog from time to time you may remember seeing the monoprinted detail I added to a simple screen printed moth design and how I created pieced borders to frame the print and added text to make shapes for the quilting. Well, things have progressed quite a lot recently and the quilt is nearing completion.

The main body of the quilt has been free motion stitched with an angular design and the lettering has been outlined by hand using Madeira Lana. I choose that thread because it is thicker than conventional quilting threads and so makes a definite statement. The colours here are very sombre to reflect the discreet moth colouring that we are familiar with in the UK.

The printed panel adds a much needed shot of vibrant colour and now I’m enjoying adding some crunchy texture by seed stitching the background around the printed moths.

I love the contrast between the continuous line of the machine stitch and the scattered marks the hand stitches make.

I’ve kept the colours of the threads similar to those of the screen printed background but used two shades of orange Lana and thrown in a bit of my own hand dyed cotton in red to add variation and interest.

Of course, now the first quilt is almost complete it’s time to tackle number 2! No resting on laurels chez Kemshall! Although the theme and construction of this piece is very similar, it’s refreshing to have a change of colour! I’ve kept the discharged black fabric as a constant but the screen print this time is turquoise and I’ve mixed blue, yellow and gold fabric paints for the text.

I knew the letters would appear and disappear against the busy background but I’m hoping the hand quilted stitches around each character will make them stand out. Fingers crossed! As you all know, quilts don’t make themselves so I’ll get back to work now – it’s arctic conditions outside so a little hand stitching in front of the woodburner has a certain appeal today!

Bye for now – Linda