New Website

OK, well this post should be accompanied by a fanfare of trumpets but instead I’m just going to quietly whisper “I think the new website is done!”. I can hardly believe it.

I’d like to invite you to head over and take a look at the all new home of DesignMatters TV.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the new site and seeing what DesignMatters TV has to offer. If you’re already a subscriber please Login using your usual username and password. You’ll find all the Latest Videos are there to watch, plus if you have Archive collections added to your account, they’ll be there too.

Archive Video Shop

There are four new mini Archive collections available too. We’ve been asked so many times to release more video workshops from the DMTV back catalogue so this is just the start. We’ll be adding many more in the coming weeks. You don’t need to have a DMTV subscription to be able to buy Archives. So if you just want to watch a couple of videos this is the option for you.


You’ll also find there are forums. These are just for DMTV viewers so whether you’re a subscriber or have just purchased an Archive Collection, you can drop in, ask us a question, share your ideas and work in progress.


I hope you’ll love the new site. It is all brand new and there are bound to be teething issues that only come to light when we let you all in to try it out. If you aren’t sure about anything, have questions or get stuck please don’t hesitate to email and we’ll help out as quickly as we can. For any support queries please use my email
Thanks so much for your support of DMTV and we look forward to chatting to you in the forums.
Bye for now,