30 Days Wild, Mixed Media Nature Study

It is a day for anniversaries: I can’t write today’s newsletter without referencing the D-Day commemorations. The news is playing in the background as I write to you today and I’m listening to the stories of veterans and their families, still so fresh in their memories after 75 years.
There is another anniversary closer to home, it’s been one year exactly since my operation. It feels like a long time ago, and like it was yesterday! We’ll be marking the occasion later with homemade cookies.

Have you seen that The Wildlife Trusts are running a project called 30 Days Wild? This is a fun idea to encourage getting out amongst nature during June. We’ve been taking part and trying to so something wild every day. There’s a free pack you can send for and also an app to download with suggestions for wildness. Good fun, especially if you have kids to entertain!

New Video Workshop – Inspired by Nature: Mixed Media Sketchbook Study

In today’s new video workshop see how to find inspiration in nature and watch how Linda interprets a photographic source as a mixed media study in her sketchbook. She’ll show you how to use watercolour, charcoal pencils and oil pastel to create rich surfaces sympathetic to the subject matter.
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Thank you for reading our newsletter this week. We’ll be back again soon with more.
Love Linda and Laura xx