Free stretching paper tutorial and Colour after Quilting

So what have you been working on this week? Have you been quilting, dressmaking, drawing or painting? If you’re like us, then you may well have done some of all of that and even more! Of course that means our workspaces are never tidy, we have too much stuff and too many projects underway. We smiled to ourselves at an email this week asking about how we organise our space. My family will tell you I operate a system of piles and towering heaps!
But it’s that creative chaos that keeps things vibrant and interesting. We love switching between activities, finding parallels, but also enjoying the change of pace and approach. We always want to encourage you to find breadth in your creativity too so at DesignMatters you’ll find a wide variety of workshops and information. If you’re a seasoned quilter then we hope we can tempt you to try your hand with a sketchbook or some painting.
This week we’ve added a free tutorial on stretching paper. This is a really useful thing to know if you’d like to try watercolour painting, or really any kind of mixed media painting. It is the best way to keep you paper flat as you apply lashings of wet washes!

More in the Painting Classroom

If you’ve never painted then it can seem daunting, but it’s such an enjoyable thing to do. We have lots of information and video workshops to help you get started whether you’re a complete beginner or just looking to practise and extend your skills. 

New Video Workshop – Colour after Quilting

So often we create beautiful fabrics and then think about how to quilt them. In this workshop Laura turns that on its head and adds colour after the quilting is done. Join her to see how you can accentuate the fabulous texture of your stitching with paint.
Ways to watch:
If you have a DesignMatters TV Membership you’ll find this workshop is automatically available to you, just click on the link above.
If you don’t have a Membership, you can purchase this workshop as a one-off for £1.50. You might like to use Classroom Credits to do this.

Thank you for reading our newsletter this week. We’ll be back again soon with more.
Love Linda and Laura xx