New Classrooms, Moth Diary: More Ideas

Can another week really have flown by since we last spoke? The days are racing away with me and suddenly I find myself in October! 
Just like last week, we have lots to tell you about today so please read on for all the latest…
The Classrooms
We have added two new classrooms to the website. You’ll now find Quilting Classroom and, dare I say it, a Christmas Classroom. I know, I know, too soon. But if you want to make things in time to decorate your home, or give as gifts then you need some warning! If you can bear it, you’ll find the Christmas Classroom here. There are quite a few workshops there with festive makes large and small, and best of all, most of the content you’ll find there is completely free.
If you can’t yet face the sight of a holly leaf, then maybe the Quilting Classroom will be more your scene. There’s much more still to be added to this section of the site, but you’ll already find some of our most popular workshops there including Painterly Piecing, Applique & Hand Dyes, and one of my favourites Faux Piecing: Drunkard’s Path which also happens to be completely free to watch.
Don’t forget, in the Classrooms you’ll not only find the video workshops, but also other information to help and inspire you.



Memberships and Classroom Credits

We let you know last week that we were introducing some exciting changes here and we’ve been working hard on the site all week. You will now find that we are no longer offering annual membership renewals. Please don’t be alarmed. This does not mean that we are thinking of ending DesignMatters TV, quite the contrary. We plan to make it bigger and better!
We produce videos on a wide range of subjects but it has become increasingly clear that in order to please as many of you as possible we need to separate the hundreds of videos we have into categories to allow viewers more control over what they choose to watch. 
We have thought long and hard over this and come up with what we feel is the best solution. We will be phasing out memberships over the next 12 months and replacing those one off payments with a credit system. Once your subscription expires, instead of renewing for a year, you’ll be able to buy credits that will be automatically added to your account. The credits can be redeemed against any video in the Classroom sections, the new video which we’ll continue to add regularly or any other items in the shop. You’ll see exactly what credit you have in your account and can add to the balance anytime you want. 
If you want to, you can purchase the equivalent value of credits as your usual membership and choose to watch videos we add each week by redeeming some of your credits – essentially there will be no change, but there will be some exciting added benefits.


There are a number of advantages in the new system:

  • You will be able to buy exactly the subjects interest you. Any that don’t appeal you can simply choose not to add to your account. 
  • Any videos you buy will be kept in your account for lifetime viewing.* They will no longer ‘drop off’ the list.
  • You will retain access to all the archive workshop collections already in your account.
  • If your bank deducts a fee when you make a single purchase, paying for a chunk of credit will limit that to one fee instead of one being applied each time you make a purchase.
The videos are very reasonably priced at £1.50 each so classroom credits equivalent to the cost of an annual subscription will go a long way and don’t forget you’ll keep the videos forever for lifetime unlimited viewing.* 

We hope you’ll agree that this freedom over what you choose to add to your account will be a great way to build your own very personal resource of information. We’re sure you’ll soon get to know how it all works but let us know if you have questions – we’re always here to help.



* The lifetime of you, us or DesignMatters TV.

New Video Workshop – Moth Diary: More Ideas


We’ve had a great season with the moth trap and on fine nights are still finding some excellent specimens. You might remember I’m documenting my finds in a Moth Diary, but it’s more than just a record, I’m using the pages as a place to print, collage and draw. In this latest workshop I’ll show you how I’ve used a wide range of techniques to fill the pages. 
Whatever your subject, be it moths, birds, landscape or architecture, I hope you’ll find some ideas to suit your sketchbook.
Ways to watch:
If you have a DesignMatters TV Membership you’ll find this workshop is automatically available to you, just click on the link above.
If you don’t have a Membership, you can purchase this workshop as a one-off for £1.50. You might like to use Classroom Credits to do this.

Thank you for reading our newsletter this week. We’ll be back again soon with more.
Love Linda and Laura xx