News on Laura, a look at a few highlights of our garden and early days of a new patchwork.

Many of you lovely people have written to ask how Laura is after her surgery on Wednesday. Well I’m very happy to let you know she is doing really well. The doctors are pleased with her progress and we are expecting to have her back home in a few days. Thank you so much for your kind wishes – I don’t know what we’d do without such wonderful support!

Despite the topsy turvy weather we’ve been having here in the UK a lot is happening in the garden. After recent hot temperatures we experienced several frosts – if the plants aren’t burnt and crisp then they are flourishing! Alliums are some of my favourites and we’re spending a lot of time appreciating them during lockdown,

The Ceanothus is humming with bees – I wish there was a sound button for you hear them buzzing even on a chilly day like today.

Some of our Peonies are big and blowsy like this one. What a beauty! We have a new coral one in bud – I can’t wait to see it open.

And then we have these shy Semper Vivums which only repay on close inspection. All of them wonderful inspiration for my sketchbooks, painting and art quilts.

However, I’d hate you to think that all I’m doing is wandering around the garden to admire the blooms so here’s a final image to show I have started piecing all those blue scraps together. No idea where I’m going with this yet but I’m keeping an open mind!

Take care in these strange times. There is some relaxation in the Covid 19 restrictions but we all need to be sensible. I’m thinking the garden and my workroom are still the best places to be!

Bye for now,

Linda x