Big Skies, Log Cabin Piecing, Portrait Inspiration and Designing with Grids

I hope that you’ve had a great week since we last wrote. I thought you might enjoy this typical pastoral scene from the English countryside.
These lovely creme caramel coloured cows came down for a paddle as we walked past last week. We were all making the most of the last summer sunshine!
The water levels were pretty low and we could spot big fish, carp I think, very near the surface and even leaping out of the water while two herons stood guard at the far end of the lake.

I’ve really been enjoying landscape as a source of inspiration lately. Not least the big skies that I photographed at the coast last week. I really fancy doing some painting which if I tell you about it here, might even happen!
While I’ve been wandering out and about taking photos of the sky (ha!) Linda’s been working hard in the studio. If you came to see us at Festival of Quilts last August, you’ll know that we still had red and black fabrics left over from the Ruby Star Quilt Project. So, we’ve started another quilt to use them up. This time we’re doing a Log Cabin. I say ‘we’, I haven’t done anything yet, Linda is doing the piecing and then the plan is that I will quilt it. Before we get to that stage we’re enjoying playing with the layout options, so far, this one is or favourite…

Before I move on to tell you about this week’s new video workshop, I had to share these drawings with you…

Aren’t they wonderful? We spotted them in Shrewsbury Art Gallery & Museum. And what’s most exciting? They are done by a young boy who’s still at school! Charlie Miller and his brother have both exhibited at the Royal Academy. Isn’t that just brilliantly inspiring? To see more of the other work exhibited at the Young Artist’s Summer Show, just follow this link.

New Video Workshop – Designing with Honeycomb Grids

In this new workshop published today, Laura shows you how to explore different design ideas for piecing based on hexagonal grids. She’ll show you how to draw them using good old graph paper and a pen, but also with your iPad.
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Thank you for reading our newsletter this week. We’ll be back again soon with more.
Love Linda and Laura xx