Paint Big!

Painting something big is really fun! I've challenged Amelie to make a loooonnnnnnngggggg painting. Tip: Working outside is great for this activity, especially if you have limited room indoors. Choose a still day and weight the paper down with pebbles or whatever you have to hand (tennis racket in our case!)

What you need to join in:

A big sheet of paper. Kids craft suppliers sell rolls of paper, but you can also use wallpaper.

Paint and brushes. We used inexpensive ready-mixed kids paint for this which is more economical than using acrylic paint.


What to do:

First decide what you're going to paint. What long things can you think of? A river? A road? Amelie chose to paint a really long snake.

  • Roll out your sheet of paper. If you don't have a roll of paper, you can always tape together several smaller sheets.
  • Draw your outlines in pencil. Don't worry about the detail at this point, just put in the main shapes.
  • Now start to paint. How can you make your painting really interesting? Can you change the colour as you work along your painting? Amelie's snake is like a rainbow! Perhaps you can use different patterns and marks that change as you work along the length of your paper?

This project is big so it can take a bit of time. Don't worry if you don't finish it all in one go, just do a bit more tomorrow. It's a lovely activity to do with siblings or friends where you can all work as a team on the same piece of long paper!