Painting Birds

Birds are such an inspiration to us, whether it’s big black crows in the fields, or the pretty garden birds that visit the feeders outside the studio. In this collection of workshops Linda will show you her methods for painting birds using acrylics on wooden panel and canvas. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced artist, Linda will guide you through, step by step.


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Videos in this collection

All the Birds

See how Linda paints her favourite garden birds. She’s working with acrylic paints onto panels and canvas.

Painting Birds: First Stages

Learn how to paint birds just like Linda. In this workshop she’ll show you how to use acrylic paint on canvas to paint the background and a simple collage trick to make establishing the shape of the bird, great if you’re not so confident with drawing.

Painting Birds: Colour and Detail

With the bird in place and the background painted, see how Linda works to add colour, form and detail to the kingfisher with acrylics.