Paper Vessels and Jewellery

In this collection of 4 video workshops Linda will guide you through two projects. First, try your hand at making paper pulp and moulding vessels. Recycle paper and build some beautiful forms. In the following workshop she shows you how to decorate the vessels you’ve made. Next try making your own paper beads with a twist. These are made with special papers from your stash to add meaning and interesting surface design. In the final workshop Linda will show you how you can put your handmade beads to use in intriguing ‘talisman’ jewellery.


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Videos in this collection

Paper Vessels

Paper can be a wonderful, sculptural medium. In this workshop join Linda to recycle paper to make pulp and form beautiful handmade bowls.

Painting Paper Vessels

The bowls made from recycled paper pulp get their decorative finishes in this video. Linda shows how she seals and colours the surfaces.

Paper Talisman Beads

You’ve probably made paper beads before, but these ones have a special twist.

Paper Talisman Necklaces

Linda’s using her handmade paper talisman beads along with stones, beads and found objects to create necklaces and pendants.