Patchwork Portholes and Pockets

Learn how to create a circular opening that can be cleverly sewn into a patchwork project, think funky porthole that enables layering of colour with glimpses through to underneath layers, or a circular feature that can be added to a garment as a decorative or functional pocket. There is lots of creative potential with this fun method. There are three workshops in this collection.


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See how Laura applied this idea to make a girls dress over on The Blog.

Videos in this collection

Patchwork Portholes

Simple geometric shapes like circles and squares are a common feature in Linda’s work. In this video workshop see how she creates porthole circles in her patchwork. It’s such a fun technique with lots of potential for layering and creativity.

Patchwork Portholes Part 2

Linda revisits the technique of making pieced circles to explore colour, contrast and counterchange! See how you can use paper collage to quickly experiment with design basics before working with fabric.

Porthole Pockets

Use the porthole technique to create pockets in garments and bags! It’s a great way to add a design-led, but functional twist to a simple and practical dress or accessory.