Plant Printed Artist Book


Take a page by page look through Linda’s plant printed artist book. The book is hand made from a variety of plant printed papers. As you’ll see she’s added painted birds and insects, these are worked in watercolour, gouache and acrylic ink. Find out how to print your own plant papers in our workshop.

Approximate run time: 2 minutes

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

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Plant Printing

Be inspired by nature around you and collect leaves to use for plant printing. Linda will show you how to make beautiful contact prints on paper. Laura will demonstrate how to make simply structured, but endlessly creative concertina books to house your prints. Finally Linda shares her ideas for working back into your plant printed sketchbook to edit, refine and add detail. The result will be a truly unique record of the plant material you’ve collected and a fabulous sketchbook for inspiration and further development.

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A flip-through video of one of Linda’s altered books. We’ll show you page by page through her book Crow where you’ll spot lots of techniques that we cover in our workshops including stamping and oil pastel and wash.