Plant Printing

Be inspired by nature around you and collect leaves to use for plant printing. Linda will show you how to make beautiful contact prints on paper. Laura will demonstrate how to make simply structured, but endlessly creative concertina books to house your prints. Finally Linda shares her ideas for working back into your plant printed sketchbook to edit, refine and add detail. The result will be a truly unique record of the plant material you’ve collected and a fabulous sketchbook for inspiration and further development. There are three workshops in this collection.


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Plant Printing

Learn how to work directly with the beauty of nature to print from leaves and flowers onto paper. This intriguing and serendipitous technique will create beautiful papers that are perfect for collage and mixed media work, binding to make a book and as the basis for drawing.

Simple Concertina Books

Learn how to make concertina books to bind your loose papers. These books are perfect for binding your plant prints, monoprints, indeed any work that you’ve done on loose sheets that needs a home! Discover this simple method of bookbinding that has endless creative opportunities.

Plant Printing: Take it Further

Take a close look at Linda’s plant printed pages and learn how you can use coloured pencils and watercolour to enhance and develop your prints on paper. See how with a little additional tone and colour you can enhance contrast and detail to really make the most of those prints and importantly, add a personal direction to your work.