Plant Printing


Learn how to work directly with the beauty of nature to print from leaves and flowers onto paper. This intriguing and serendipitous technique will create beautiful papers that are perfect for collage and mixed media work, for binding to make a book and as the basis for drawing.

As with many art and craft processes, please exercise caution when following this technique. Work in a well ventilated area and observe all normal health and safety precautions. Please do not proceed if you are at all concerned about the safety of the process for yourself or others. If you have breathing problems it’s probably wise to avoid the fumes that are inevitably created when vinegar, rusty metal and a range of plant material is boiled for 90 minutes! As we have no knowledge of the plants you may choose to use we can’t know if they may be toxic and cannot accept responsibility for any adverse effects. Having said all that, it’s a really fun technique as long as you are sensible!

Approximate run time: 18 minutes

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

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