Poppies in Graphitint

It’s the time of year when there are poppies springing up everywhere. Whether it’s the cultivated ones that seed themselves around the garden or the wild ones I see on the roadside and in fields, I love them all!

If you’re a DMTV viewer you’ll know I’ve been painting the flowers and seedheads in my sketchbook and stitching and painting them onto fabric.

Last night, while I waited for dinner to cook I made a drawing of the glorious dark red variety using Derwent Graphitint pencils.

The pencils are water-soluble and when a light wash of water is added the colour dissolves into lovely painterly marks.

I buy the pencils individually which means I can be very selective about the colours I choose and build up a collection over time. Trouble is I’m always drawn to particular favourites and often find when I get home that I’ve got two the same already. Oh well, they’ll keep for another day won’t they?

Love Linda x