Archive Four




In Archive 4 you’ll find a lively mix of some of the very first shows we taped for DMTV. Ranging from sketchbook work, improvisational and paper piecing, there’s lots to inspire.

This collection has twenty videos.

Watercolour Textures

Today Linda’s painting a humble cabbage leaf in watercolour. Watch how she achieves lovely textural marks with kitchen wrap.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Improvisational Piecing

Listen in as Marie Roper reveals her inspirational design sources and demonstrates her techniques for machine piecing non conventional shapes and curved seams to Laura.

Run time: 26 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall visits Marie Roper’s studio

Can’t Resist

Watch Laura demonstrate Soy Wax batik using a variety of simple mark making tools to achieve double-sided, colourful fabric effects.

Run time: 35 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Sketchbook Secrets – Face in the Crowd

Join Laura for a walk through her sketchbook. ‘Face in a Crowd’ is all about the male portraits Laura created for the Sketchbook Project.

Run time: 19 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Sketchbook Secrets – First Thing in the Morning

Linda’s contribution to The Sketchbook Project focusses on her favourite garden birds. Here she tells how she achieved some of the visual effects.

Run time: 14 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Decisions Decisions

When you begin quilting a pieced top there are lots of design and practical questions to consider. Here Laura explains how she decides on a plan.

Run time: 15 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Loving Tradition

Linda loves traditional patchwork designs! In this video she tells how the Log Cabin block influenced the techniques she used in her quilt, ‘Rose’.

Run time: 10 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Lovely Layered Gift Tags

See how Laura makes gorgeous gift tags for that special person by making great use of scraps of paper, card and quilted fabrics.

Run time: 10 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Sketchbook Secrets – Changing Pages

Commercial sketchbooks usually contain just one kind of paper – here Linda shows how easy it is to substitute a variety of paper types and also how effective it is to incorporate separate sheets of paper that could include your own work, photographs or prints.

Run time: 18 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Re-purposed Purses

Recycling at its best! Laura uses old unloved quilts to make humbug purses – all from an old quilt and a zip!

Run time: 23 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Colour Mixing

Colour mixing is often confusing because there are so many options to choose from when buying inks, dyes or paints. In this video Laura explains the differences between a cool and a warm palette and demonstrates how to use both to achieve very different results.

Run time: 21 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Needle-sculpted Dolls

Marie Roper demonstrates her techniques for sculpting a doll’s head using stitch. Tragically, Marie died not long after recording this video – we include it here in tribute to her wondrous talents.

Run time: 17 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall visits Marie Roper’s studio

The Art Dolls of Marie Roper

In this video Linda visits the studio of Marie Roper and is truly amazed by the exquisite art dolls Marie creates. This is a fascinating insight into the stories behind each one. Tragically, Marie died not long after this was recorded – we miss her every day.

Run time: 19 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall visits Marie Roper’s studio

Watercolour Tricks

In this video Linda shows how she applies masking fluid to preserve the white of the paper beneath generous washes of watercolour, then brings in coarse salt and crumpled paper to add visual texture.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Easy Acid Dyeing

If you’ve got a microwave oven that you no longer use for cooking you could put it to good use dyeing silk and woollen fabrics and threads with acid dyes. Laura shows you how easy acid dyes create fabulous results in a very short time.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Stitched Screenprints

Linda takes some of the screen printed fabrics she made a while ago and transforms them with appliqué and hand and machine quilting.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Fabulous Ferns in Pen and Ink

Catherine Nicholls joins Linda in the studio to demonstrate her method of adding detailed drawings to fabric using a permanent marker pen.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Catherine Nicholls visits Linda’s studio

Abstract Paper Piecing Part 3

In the final video of this mini series Laura shows how she mounts and perfectly integrates her pieced and quilted work onto a canvas box panel ready for display.

Run time: 33 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Abstract Paper Piecing Part 2

In this follow up video you can see how Laura makes design decisions about the colour and value of her abstract design before piecing and quilting her project.

Run time: 32 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Abstract Paper Piecing Part 1

Discover how Laura creates an abstract design for English Paper Piecing. In this video she shows each step taken from original source of inspiration to template making.

Run time: 17 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall