Archive One




In Archive 1 you’ll find a lively mix of some of the very first shows we taped for DMTV. Ranging from discharge printing, through altered books and free motion quilting, there’s lots to inspire.

This collection has twenty videos.

Collage with a Punch

Fabrics can be layered to create painterly collage effects. In this show Linda’s using a needle-felting machine to punch the layers before securing with stitch.

Run time: 10 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Faking It

Sometimes the piecing is just too tricky so it’s time to fake it! Today we’re using applique to create the illusion of patchwork.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Face It

Find out how Laura’s using fabric paint to create the portraits that feature strongly in her latest quilts.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

A Dash of Colour

Join Linda in today’s show to discover how she’s using colourful hand stitch to add bold marks to her latest quilts.

Run time: 9 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Love Lino – Rubbings

Lino blocks aren’t just for printing. The firm surface makes them ideal for rubbings too. Better still, these can be effective on both paper and fabric.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Love Lino – Printing

With your carved lino at the ready you’ll want to print! In this episode we hand print (no press required) using acrylic paints.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Love Lino – Cutting

Lino printing is a traditional printing technique, but still one that’s full of potential for the contemporary artist. Today we prepare our blocks, mark designs and carve them ready for use.

Run time: 9 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Bleach Printing

Thick bleach can be used for printing and can remove the colour from dyed fabrics with sometimes surprising results! In this episode Laura prints with sponge onto a range of black fabrics.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Double Up

Add to your fabric range without increasing your stash! In Double Up Laura overdyes commercial printed fabrics.

Run time: 17 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Out of the Frame

Photocopies are often a great starting point for sketchbook pages, but how do you avoid the ‘scrapbook’ look. In today’s show see how Linda’s integrating photos to her sketchbook using painted washes.

Run time: 13 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Take it Away

Simple household bleach can be used effectively to remove colour from dyed fabrics and create exciting results. In this show Laura demonstrates the technique that she’s used to create unique fabrics for her quilts.

Run time: 13 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Beautiful Boutis

Boutis is a traditional French quilting technique. In this episode Linda joins Maureen Shenton to find out more.

Run time: 15 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall with Maureen Shenton

Finding Inspiration

The question we’re asked most is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’. In today’s show Linda explains the inspiration behind her new series of quilts.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

It’s a Wrap

Bored with standard book covers? Make your own quilted bookwrap instead! It’s a quick and fun way to update any book and perfect as a gift for a friend.

Run time: 26 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Creating a Niche

It’s fun to add real objects to your books. Today, see how Linda cuts a niche into the pages of an altered book ready to house found objects like shells or pebbles.

Run time: 7 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Transfer Printing

Printing using transfer paints or disperse dyes is an exciting way to decorate synthetic fabrics. In today’s show we use real leaves to create delicate results.

Run time: 32 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Free Cut Curves

Free cut curved piecing is an essential technique for every art quilter. Join us today for a demonstration.

Run time: 9 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Five Minute Fix – Altered Book

Altered books are a creative alternative to blank sketchbooks. Join Linda to see inside her latest book.

Run time: 5 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Sew Write

Free motion quilted lettering is a characteristic of the art quilts made by Catherine Nicholls. In this episode we take a look at a selection of Catherine’s quilts and she demonstrated her quilting technique.

Run time: 18 minutes
Presenter: Linda with Catherine Nicholls

Hand Pieced Curves

Laura loves piecing by hand using traditional methods. In this show she’s working with templates to create Drunkard’s Path blocks for a new quilt.

Run time: 22 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall