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Archive Three




In Archive 3 you’ll find a lively mix of some of the very first shows we taped for DMTV. Ranging from discharge printing, through altered books and free motion quilting, there’s lots to inspire.

This collection has twenty videos.

Considering Quilting – Density

In this video Laura explains how density of quilting affects the way we perceive the colours of a finished quilt. She also demonstrates how close quilting throws a motif  into relief and makes it ‘pop’.

Run time: 11 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

What’s the Story? with Edwina Mackinnon

Linda talks with Edwina Mackinnon about the series of quilts she made inspired by her father’s occupation as skilled bootmaker.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall with Edwina Mackinnon

Rubbings and Resist

Find out how Laura’s using fabric paint to create the portraits that feature strongly in her latest quilts.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Love Thread

In this video Laura talks you through the threads she favours for her machine quilting and embroidery

Run time: 9 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Using Unique Fabrics

Linda talks with Edwina Mackinnon about her techniques for colouring and customising fabrics for quilt making.

Run time: 11 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall with Edwina Mackinnon

Details to Delight – Fabric Tassels

Linda shows how she embellishes the corners of her handmade cushions using frayed fabric strips, shiny braids and beaded embroidery threads.

Run time: 9 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

What’s the Story? The Fifth Day

Join Linda to find out more about her painted wholecloth quilt The Fifth Day.

Run time: 5 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Details to Delight – Fabric Painting

Linda demonstrates fabric painting onto a previously pieced, appliquéd and quilted fabric surface.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Sketchbook Secrets – Roman Portraits

In this video Linda shows how to draw a pencil portrait from a photograph. She demonstrates how cross hatching and shading can create convincingly realistic 3D effects.

Run time: 14 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Considering Composition

In this video Laura explains the choices she makes when composing a series of designs based on her favourite poppy seedhead motif.

Run time: 23 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Painterly Shadow Applique

In this video Linda transforms a screen printed motif with layers of sheer fabric patches to create painterly colour.

Run time: 14 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Ransom Note Lettering

Laura shows an effective way to add text to sketchbook pages using collaged letters taken from magazines.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Hydrangea Blooming

Blooming is a word used to describe the textural effects of first stitching and then cutting back through layers of fabrics. Here Linda shows how she uses the technique with Hydrangeas as inspiration.

Run time: 19 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Finishing School – Binding

Binding can make or break a quilt. Join Laura to see how to do it.

Run time: 18 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Mirror Mirror

Laura loves mirrored embroidery and here she demonstrates how it’s done.

Run time: 19 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Travelling Light

A travel journal is a lovely memory of a special trip and very relaxing too. Here Linda shows a few pages of her little sketchbook worked while on holiday in France.

Run time: 11 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Getting Started with Watercolour

Linda explains the basic colour palette and everything you need to start painting in watercolour. She demonstrates with a single leaf as her subject.

Run time: 15 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Details to Delight – Machine Wrapped Tassels

Making your own tassels means they will coordinate perfectly with your textile projects. Here Linda shows how she makes very decorative tassels to adorn cushions or any number of items.

Run time: 10 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Printed Patchwork

Linda makes print blocks using scraps of cardstock and self adhesive foam. Then she prints with acrylics onto paper and cloth to create convincingly realistic patchwork designs.

Run time: 8 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Simple Screenprinting

Laura demystifies screen printing on fabric using thickened dyes. You’ll love the results!

Run time: 26 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall