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Beautiful Butterflies




Inspired by butterflies, Linda demonstrates creative ways to fill your sketchbook with exciting and vibrant images. Techniques include ink resist, collage, masks and stencils.

This workshop has three videos.

Beautiful Butterflies Part 1

Linda demonstrates how she’s starting a new set of work inspired by butterflies. See how she uses collected images and explores ways of recording visual information in her sketchbook with techniques such as oil and wash.

Run time: 16 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Beautiful Butterflies Part 2

Linda demonstrates a fascinating technique for creating dramatic effects using gouache paint with Indian Ink.

Run time: 12 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Beautiful Butterflies Part 3

In this video Linda shows creative ways to incorporate loose sheets of artwork into a sketchbook for beautifully exciting results.

Run time: 18 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall