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Drawing Tricks and Cheats




We’ve all heard that doing more drawing is a good thing – it helps to hone our powers of observation, is the best way to record ideas on paper and perfect for developing ideas. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or already a drawing convert you can learn to improve your drawing with some simple tricks, cheats and techniques.

This workshop collection contains three videos.

Drawing Tricks and Cheats – Part 1

Good drawing doesn’t have to just rely on raw talent. Learn some of the tricks and cheats you can use to help make your drawings a success.

Run time: 27 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Drawing Tricks and Cheats – Part 2

Run time: 23 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Drawing Shadows

Shadows are the key to helping the objects in your drawings appear realistic. Learn how to shade to suggest form and ground your objects to the surface.

Run time: 22 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall