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  • Customising Digital Print

    Creating fabric design for digital print is just the start, once the fabric is printed you can still customise it using some of your favourite surface design techniques. In these workshops Laura shows how you can work with a digital print fabric to modify it with discharge dyeing and hand lettering.

  • Soy Wax Screenprints

    Join Laura to see how she uses soya wax to create screenprint designs worked onto fabric with your favourite fabric paints. The wax has a very low melting point and is removed very simply with hot water making application and clean up a breeze.

  • Texture Transfer Leaves

    Experiment with transfer printing using disperse dyes or transfer paints on synthetic fabrics. In this workshop Linda will demonstrate how you can use real leaves to add decorative visual texture to your transfer papers before using them to colour fabrics including polycotton or Lutradur.

  • Sketchbook to Textiles: Interpreting Marks

    Join Linda for a look through one of her sketchbooks as she talks about mark making and then how it's possible to interpret those marks into your textile work, in this case using dimensional fabric paint.

  • Screenprinted Drawings on Fabric

    Join Laura is this video to see how she’s been experimenting with a technique that transfers drawings onto fabric using a silkscreen. She’s tried a range of printing mediums and shares with you her favourite. This is a fun technique that captures the essence of a hand drawn image but gives it the quality of a print.

  • Sketchbook to Fabric

    We're often asked how to translate successful sketchbook pages into fabric techniques. In this video Laura demonstrates how easily that can be done with a little sampling and experimentation.

  • Stamp and Draw on Paper and Fabric

    Some detailed subject matter can be daunting to draw from scratch. In this workshop Linda will show you how it's possible to use a subtle stamped shape as the base for your drawing. Take all the guesswork out of getting the shapes right and instead enjoy creating a design and drawing the details. Then building on the sketchbook work that Linda did using stamps and drawing, she demonstrates how it's easily possible to translate those ideas to fabric to make a stitched piece.

  • Garment Dyeing

    Learn how to dye a garment, either a ready-made item or something you've sewn yourself. Laura will show you how to dye your clothes with minimal equipment and exciting results.

    Run time:  33 minutes

    Presenter: Laura Kemshall

  • Foiling on Fabric

    Learn how to foil shapes on fabric. In this workshop Linda will show you two fast and easy methods to add some metallic gleam to your fabric. See her samples and also how she's used the techniques in her quilts.

    Run time:  17 minutes

    Presenter: Linda Kemshall

  • Easy Batik Fabrics

    Learn how to make your own beautiful batik fabrics with simple mark making and layers of colour. We'll use simple tools and easy-to-use wax to create these stunning, one of a kind fabrics. They'll be perfect for use in your quilting making and embroidery, in fact any stitched project.

    Run time:  30 minutes

    Presenter: Laura Kemshall

  • Indigo Overdye

    Dive into the fascinating world of indigo! In this workshop Laura will show you how to create stunning fabrics by using simple resist techniques and indigo as an overdye. We just love the results and we think you will too.

    Run time:  38 minutes

    Presenter: Laura Kemshall

  • Dimensional Fabric Paint

    Explore how you can use dimensional fabric paints to add extra texture and surface interest to your stitched textiles. Laura demonstrates how to use Puffy and Slick paints which you'll find available in lots of craft stores and online.

  • Indigo and Rust

    We just love the combination of indigo and rust dyed fabrics. In this workshop collection we'll guide you through the essentials of indigo dyeing, plus more advanced methods using pleating, clamping and other simple resist methods. Next try rusting your fabric with iron objects to create incredible organic patterning. There are three workshops in this collection.

  • Colour Exchange Dyeing

    Create a family of fabrics and threads that will work beautifully together using colour exchange dyeing, a simple hand dyeing technique using minimal equipment and supplies.

    Run time:  24 minutes

    Presenter: Laura Kemshall

  • Hand Dyeing

    In this archive collection of 2 video workshops Laura will show you two of her favourite methods for colouring cloth with hand dyeing techniques. Use Procion MX dyes to colour natural fibre fabrics for fabulous results. You'll only require simple equipment and Laura will guide you through the processes step-by-step.

  • Dye Painting

    In this collection of three video workshops Laura will demonstrate easy, but highly effective ways to colour cloth with thickened dyes. Explore three different methods for adding colour pattern and line using simple materials and equipment. Laura will show you how to use thickened dyes for these processes, an ideal choice as they won't stiffen the fabric at all.

    This workshop has three videos.

  • Painterly Piecing, Applique and Hand Dyes

  • Text on Textiles: Handwriting

    Join Laura to see how she uses her own handwriting in sketchbooks and on fabric as a method for mark making. Watch her sampling process and see how to use text at different sizes to suit your own project.



Here are the workshops available in the Fabric Dyeing Classroom. Select the ones you’d like and add them to your basket . Once purchased, you’ll have instant, lifetime access. Single workshops are £1.50, collections are priced accordingly.

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