Pencilled In




Watersoluble pencils are perfect for painterly sketching. In this workshop collection Linda will demonstrate how to use them on paper to capture simple natural subjects such as leaves and peapods. Then she’ll show you how you can recreate that on fabric before finally adding stitch to enhance the detail, colour and texture.

This workshop collection contains three videos.

Pencilled In

Watersoluble pencils are an exciting medium for sketching. In this workshop Linda demonstrates drawing from simple natural subject matter such as leaves and pea pods using Derwent Graphitint pencils. The techniques are transferrable to any brand of watersoluble pencils. See how to create the illusion of form with shading and add water to intensify the colours and create a painterly result.

Run time: 20 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Pencilled In – Fabric

If you’ve enjoyed drawing with watersoluble pencils in your sketchbook, why not try to achieve the same effects on fabric? In this workshop Linda demonstrates how to do just that and with the right choice of pencils you’ll be able to create a painterly drawing on cloth just perfect for adding stitch to later on.

Run time: 17 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Pencilled In – Adding Stitch

With your drawing on fabric in place, the next stage is to add some stitch. In this workshop Linda will show you how to do just that, to add extra detail, colour and texture to the work. The finished piece works really well displayed as a small decorative panel.

Run time: 23 minutes
Presenter: Linda Kemshall