Sensa Green Jewel Colours


To celebrate the launch of the new Sensa Green range from Madeira threads we’ve been invited to curate our own collections of threads.

These are limited edition sets available at a very special discounted price. RRP of Sensa Green Lyocell 1000m is over £7 so you’re saving over £10 with this set.

This set is “Jewel Colours” and brings together our favourite bright colours from the range. Sensa Green is a 100% lyocell thread, certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. It’s a naturally smooth and strong thread certified free of substances that could be harmful to people or the environment and can be fully recycled. The manufacturing process uses environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable raw materials, wood is the thread’s main ingredient. The threads are presented in a cardboard box which of course can be easily recycled.

5 x 1000 metre spools of Madeira Sensa Green:

181 Ruby, 110 Fuchsia, 095 Turquoise, 359 Gold, 449 Lime

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5 spools of Madeira Sensa Green thread

The threads are all 1000m spools:

181 Ruby, 110 Fuchsia, 095 Turquoise, 359 Gold, 449 Lime