Serendipity Painting


Are you always nervous about getting started in a new sketchbook? Do the pristine pages scare you? Let me reassure you that you’re not alone! In this collection of three videos you’ll learn how to lose the blank, white page quickly and easily. Laura shows how she gets lots of glorious colour on her pages using water based paints, drawing inks and soluble pastels. She demonstrates step by step how she produces fascinating background effects for her sketchbook and art journaling work and how she constantly evaluates and responds to what she’s created on the page.



This workshop has three videos.

Art Journaling Backgrounds – Part One

In the first video Linda shows step by step how she paints a beautiful landscape using acrylic paints and inks. She explains the differences between opaque and transparent colours and demonstrates how she uses their particular characteristics in combination. Beginning with an underpainting, she shows how she adds subsequent layers of fluid colour build a painterly result. Once the painting is complete, fine details are added with pigment pens.

Run time: 15 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Art Journaling Backgrounds – Part Two

In this second video Laura explains how she works into her dripped, compartmentalised and framed pages using drawing, rubbings and hand written text. She shows how cutting part of the page reveals the images below and how she builds her compositions to interpret her chosen theme

Run time: 11 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall

Serendipity Painting

In this video Laura exploits the inherent characteristics of intensely coloured drawing inks and embraces the accidental effects of their fluidity! How much is controlled and deliberate and how much is left to chance is up to you! This is a fantastic way to create exciting grids on large sheets of paper that can be used in many different ways. Follow Laura’s instruction and you’ll soon have a great stash of gorgeous painted papers for your own work.

Run time: 22 minutes

Presenter: Laura Kemshall