The Accordion Bag




A bag or a piece of sculpture? This bag cleverly expands with an accordion-like structure that gives the bag it’s name. See how Laura designed and made hers and how you can create your own version.

Make your own version using two styles of purse frame. Up-cycle a quilt or use felt, add embroidery and make your bag beautifully decorative.

This workshop has a printable worksheet to help with the construction steps.

This workshop has two videos.

The Accordion Bag

Find out more about the ideas and design process behind Laura’s Accordion Bags which are inspired by one of her favourite sketchbook constructions. Learn how she repurposes heavily quilted old textiles and uses original digital embroidery motifs worked on her Husqvarna Embroidery machine to add further decoration and pattern.

Run time: 24 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall

The Accordion Bag – Making It

In this video Laura demonstrates how to draft a pattern to fit two different metal purse frames, and how you can make an Accordion Bag just like hers.

Run time: 44 minutes
Presenter: Laura Kemshall