Quilt Design

The number one question we’re always asked is, “Where do you get your ideas from for your quilts?” The answer is, there are lots of ways to find ideas for pieces of work, and lots of methods to explore those design ideas! In this classroom we’ll show you some of our favourite design techniques and processes. We often work from sketchbook to quilt and in some of these workshops we’ll show you that journey.

You’ll see we find inspiration in all sorts of places, from art, nature and landscape, to traditional quilt designs and the history of the craft. Whether you’re new to designing your own quilts, or a seasoned art/contemporary quilter, we hope you’ll find plenty here to inspire your next project.

Quilt design on the iPad

Designing with Honeycomb Grids

In this workshop Laura shows you how to explore different design ideas for piecing based on hexagonal grids. She’ll show you how to draw them using good old graph paper and a pen, but also with your iPad.

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Sketching Quilting on the iPad

Laura demonstrates step-by-step how you can sketch designs for quilting your next project. See how to work directly on photos of you quilt, create a colour palette and draw your design ideas. This workshop uses Procreate which is a paid-for app available on the App Store, an iPad and stylus such as a Pencil.

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Inspired by Hawaiian Appliqué

Inspired by paper-cut Hawaiian appliqué designs Laura will show you how to use the Procreate app on your iPad to create digitally designed versions and audition your fabrics.

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Sketchbook to Quilt

Sketchbook to Quilt – Indigo Moon

Join Linda in the studio to see how she’s interpreting recent pages in her sketchbook with a new small quilted panel. She’s using simple piecing together with sponge printing and of course, quilting.

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Fineliner Quilting

Be inspired by graphic sketchbook drawing and achieve something similar with your quilting! Join Laura to see how to use just thread to create your design and replicate that pen-drawn look on fabric to make a small stitched panel. She’ll provide you with a pattern or you can use your own sketchbook page as a reference.

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Process led design

What if? Cutting and Piecing

Join Laura for a workshop of experimental piecing. She’ll work with a digitally printed panel and explore options for cutting, rearranging and piecing it back together. It’s time to forget being precious about your fabric and get out that rotary cutter and ask ‘what if?’!

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Inspired by Seminole Patchwork

Learn a fast and easy method to design for your quilts using strip piecing inspired by Seminole Patchwork. Laura will show you how to work directly with your fabrics for the design process so you can be sure ideas in your sketchbook pages will translate well to your quilts.

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A New Quilt Out Of The Blue

Read here to discover how Linda has started a quilt using scraps and a screen print she ‘found’ in her studio. A totally unplanned piece out of the blue.

Banjara Inspirations

Linda looks to the traditional textiles of the Banjara for inspiration. Join her to look at some examples and to study the colours, techniques and patterns of these decorative and heavily stitched cloths. Using them as inspiration, Linda demonstrates how you can start your own stitched cloth in the Banjara style.

Exploring Drunkard’s Path

Sometimes asking yourself the question ‘what if?’ as you work is the best way to come up with new ideas. In this workshop Laura will show you what happened when she did just that. See how she’s explored alternative methods for creating the Drunkard’s Path block and how this in turn resulted in the development of the technique into an exciting design with lots of potential for a quilt.

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Stashbuster Quilts

Join Linda and Laura in the studio as they discuss Linda’s newest quilt tops which are put together from scraps from the stash and hear them chat about how to quilt them.

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Piecing Blues

Scrap quilts are a lot of fun to make and so satisfying, but it’s not just a case of anything goes. See how Linda’s carefully working with value to organise her fabric placement in a Rail Fence quilt and experimenting with different layouts.

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Finding Inspiration

Inspired by Paintings

Inspiration is all around us, but we love to look to some of our favourite paintings to help guide our choices when selecting colours for our textile work. In this class Linda will show you how a colour scheme can be established by studying paintings and how she’s begun to select fabrics and embark on a new pieced quilt.

Art as Inspiration

Art, and paintings in particular can provide a rich source of inspiration for textiles. In this series of video workshops Linda guides you through how she’s been inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee to make a small art quilt.

Story of a Quilt

Story of a Quilt: Paintbox II

Discover the story behind Linda’s quilt Paintbox II. She’ll talk in detail about her thread choices and thought process when quilting the piece. 

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Wolf Moon – Quilt + Paint

Join Linda in the studio today as she chats about the motivation behind her new quilt Wolf Moon, and works on it live on camera to add paint to the surface.

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Wolf Moon – Finishing Touches

Join Linda in the studio as she talks about the changes and finishing touches to her quilt Wolf Moon.

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What’s the Story? Fractured

Discover the inspirational sources that Linda brought together in the making of her quilt ‘Fractured’. Linda also discusses the techniques that she used in the making of the quilt.