It’s not a quilt until it’s quilted! We love to add lots of stitch to our work, both by machine, with digital techniques and by hand. Explore these workshops to find lots of methods to add glorious stitch to your work and don’t forget, these techniques often work well together so do mix and match.

Machine Quilting

Fineliner Quilting

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Freehand Quilting an Inktense Drawing

Linda’s freehand quilting a recent drawing on fabric made using Derwent Inktense pencils.

Quilting Faces

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Quilting with Grids

Grids can provide you with an excellent basis for your quilting. Linda will show you how to quilt grids with a walking foot and shares her tips for success with this method. Next, with that grid in place, you’ll see how you can work within it using freehand quilting to add beautiful patterns.

All at Sea: Quilting

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Creative Quilting Techniques

In this collection of four videos you’ll discover some of the techniques Linda and Laura use to introduce fascinating texture, colour and pattern to their quilts. You’ll see how they use basic utility stitches on their sewing machines in innovative and unpredictable ways and how hand worked embroidery stitches can be used to bring exciting, painterly colour effects to an art quilt. Forget free motion machine quilting and simple running stitches for a while – this is an unmissable collection of creative ideas that will increase your repertoire of art quilting techniques!

Bonded Applique: Quilting

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Digital Stitch

Layering Stitch

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Stitch Plus Colour

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Hand Quilting and Embroidery

Kantha Quilting

Discover Kantha style quilting and make a beautiful decorative item for your home.

Banjara Inspirations

Linda looks to the traditional textiles of the Banjara for inspiration. Join her to look at some examples and to study the colours, techniques and patterns of these decorative and heavily stitched cloths. Using them as inspiration, Linda demonstrates how you can start your own stitched cloth in the Banjara style.

Hand Quilting – Marking Out Amelie’s Quilt

I love to quilt by hand and have finally got a grip on using a hoop and a thimble. I don’t think there are any rules, this is just what works for me. For this quilt I’m using cotton poplin front and back. That’s perhaps not the best choice, poplin has a high thread count so it’s not the easiest …

Stitching Into The Woods

This collection includes two videos in which you can follow every step Linda takes to create an embroidered and painted panel inspired by photographs of bluebell woods. She demonstrates every technique she uses to interpret her chosen subject in great detail so that anyone can achieve a similar result.