Welcome to the Quilting Classroom. Quiltmaking is a huge topic, but here in our classroom you’ll find our take on how we approach art quiltmaking with an emphasis on design and a solid understanding of fundamental techniques.

About Quiltmaking

Quilting has a long history and while our art quilting approach embraces all that the 21st century has to offer the modern quilter, you’ll still find our quilts are rooted in tradition. You’ll find workshops that reference our favourite traditional blocks such as Drunkard’s Path and Log Cabin, but with a fresh approach.

We love to mix and match techniques. Hand quilting, machine stitch, digital quilting all provide exciting possibilities to explore and experiment with.

Our own quilts often feature a layering of process so we think you’ll benefit from exploring other Classrooms such as Fabric Dyeing and Monoprinting where you’ll find some of our favourite methods for creating special fabrics and one-off prints that are perfect for including in your quilts.

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