Scrap Quilts

Is there anything more satisfying that making something from nothing?

Quiltmaking has a long and rich history of using scraps and we love to continue that tradition in our work. But just because you’re following in the footsteps of quilters from days gone by, doesn’t mean scrap quilts are old-fashioned. Quite the opposite! Making best use of what you already have is not only good for the soul, but good for your purse, and for the planet too. Let’s go and burn through that stash!

Using Tonal Value: Scrap Quilt Fade

Join Laura in the studio to explore how important tonal value is in quiltmaking and learn how to piece a tonal fade effect using scrap fabrics. This exciting and contemporary approach to scrap quilting is easier than you might think!

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Scrap Quilt Tips

Working with scraps to make your next quilt can be so satisfying, but also a big challenge in terms of design. In this workshop join Laura to take a look at a new scrap quilt Linda’s been sewing as she shares her tips for a successful scrap quilt. 

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Strippy Scrappy – Finished

It’s done, take a look at the last bits of quilting on the Strippy Scrappy quilt that Linda’s been working on recently.

Strippy Scrappy – What happened next?

Take a look at how Linda’s completed the quilting on the piece she started in the Strippy Scrappy video workshop.

English Paper Piecing – a summer project

See Linda’s latest English Paper Piecing project, the perfect technique for garden sewing!

Strippy Scrappy: Quilting the Spaces

If you’ve tried any of the quick piecing techniques that we’ve featured on DMTV, then it’s likely you’ll have quilt tops that need quilting! Fear not, Linda has some ideas to help you quilt the piecing and those tricky empty spaces in blocks. Join her to discover how she chooses the quilting designs for her strippy patchworks. She uses hand techniques to stitch a cushion front and then creates a completely different look with machine quilting to enhance a beautiful hand painted garland in the on point squares of a little quilt.

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Strippy Scrappy Blocks

Slice up your scraps and use them with quick piecing methods to make beautiful quilt tops. This is a great stash buster and will quickly make a dent in your fabric pile!

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Embroidered Crazy Bookwrap

Decorate any book with a crazy embroidered bookwrap.

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Inspired by Boro

Inspired by the stitch and repair notion of Boro and other textile traditions from around the world, Linda is constructing a textile using scraps and lots of hand stitching. To make the process her own, she’s chosen to needle-felt the fabrics making a strong fabric that’s a pleasure to stitch. In the second video see how she turns that fabric into a stylish and practical tote bag.

Shadow Crazy

Put a twist on traditional crazy patchwork with this mini cushion worked in a sheer and semi sheer fabrics. Embellish with hand worked embroidery stitches and add beads.

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Scraps to Jewels!

Don’t throw away those precious scraps, make them into beautiful embroidered brooches instead. They are quick to make and are perfect as gifts.

A New Quilt Out Of The Blue

Read here to discover how Linda has started a quilt using scraps and a screen print she ‘found’ in her studio. A totally unplanned piece out of the blue.

Stashbuster Quilts

Join Linda and Laura in the studio as they discuss Linda’s newest quilt tops which are put together from scraps from the stash and hear them chat about how to quilt them.

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Sort your Scraps

Sort your fabric stash and get through those scraps!