Sketchbook Challenge

What is the project?

  • Work along with Laura to fill your sketchbook
  • Eight practical video workshops
  • Inspirational ideas
  • Technique demonstrations
  • Choose your own theme
  • Use art materials that you already have

I’m so pleased you’re interested in the Sketchbook Challenge. Here’s a bit more about what it’s all about:

I thought it would be great fun to take an empty sketchbook and see if we could fill it in a month. I’ll be posting two workshop videos a week for the next four weeks. You can work along with me, or go at your own pace. When you purchase the workshops you get to keep them forever so if you want to start in a few weeks time, or take longer over the project then that’s just fine, we all have our schedules that we need to fit creativity into.

I’ll guide you through selecting your book, those important first steps including losing the blank white page, establishing a theme, and strategies for getting things done. Along the way we’re going to play with paint, print, collage, stencils and drawing. Don’t be nervous though, you can be a complete beginner and I’ll show you everything you need to know. If you are already an avid sketchbook keeper I hope you’ll enjoy the structure of the sessions and my take on how to approach working in a sketchbook.

Let's get started

You’ll find all the sessions below as they are published. Sign up any time. Eight video workshops for £12, unlimited, lifetime access. Watch when you want as often as you want. Sign up using the link on the right.

Here are the release dates for each lesson:

Session 1 – available from 5th November
Session 2 – available from 8th November
Session 3 – available from 12th November
Session 4 – available from 15th November
Session 5 – available from 19th November
Session 6 – available from 22nd November
Session 7 – available from 26th November
Session 8 – available from 29th November