Still Life- Quick Drawing to Fabric Collage

Working with Still Life, start by making quick sketches, explore good use of tonal values, and work with colourful drawing techniques. Use what you’ve made on paper to inform a fabric collage finished with machine stitching.

This workshop collection contains five videos.


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Videos in this collection

Drawing – Time Flies

Part 1 – Laura explains why she selects the objects for her still life. She talks about the importance of contrast in shape, colour and scale.

Drawing – Set the Tone

Part 2 – In this class Laura will show you how you can use your drawing to describe the form of the objects in your still life with tonal value using pencils.

Drawing with Colour

In this third session we’ll explore the last of the drawing exercises for this course. We’ll be using colour this time with watercolour pencils.

Still Life Fabric Collage Part 1

Part 4 – Using the drawings that you’ve made in the first part of the course as your guide, we’ll now select fabrics to make the fabric collage.

Still Life Fabric Collage Part 2

Part 5 – In the final session of this course we’ll complete the fabric collage by adding hand and machine stitch and embroidered details like French knots.