Stitching Into The Woods

This collection includes two videos in which you can follow every step Linda takes to create an embroidered and painted panel inspired by photographs of bluebell woods. She demonstrates every technique she uses to interpret her chosen subject in great detail so that anyone can achieve a similar result.


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Videos in this collection

Stitching Into The Woods Part 1

In the first video Linda shows how she was inspired to make a hand stitched embroidery when she was playing with reels of thread! You’ll see how first of all she made a quick colour sketch to decide on composition and proportion, then you’ll discover how she uses masks and fabric pastel to produce vertical shapes. Linda explains her choice of thread colour and her selection and execution of three embroidery stitches which she thinks best interpret the theme. Finally she explains how she places the stitches to suit the small scale of the piece.

Stitching Into The Woods Part 2

In this second video Linda shows how she prepares her embroidered bluebell wood panel for mounting onto a box canvas. She explains why she chose the size of canvas she did and demonstrates how to colour it with vibrant acrylic paints to compliment the embroidery perfectly. You’ll see exactly how she achieves such delicious backgrounds for her stitched pieces!