Strange Times

We haven’t posted here few a little while because what can you say about the situation all find ourselves in? These are strange times indeed and I am ever more thankful for the online community we have through DMTV. I live in a small village in the centre of England. Today, once again, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and there are signs of spring in my garden. If it weren’t for the relentless news bulletins I might be blissfully unaware of what’s threatening our comfortable existence. The truth though is that, like so many millions of people around the world, I haven’t been out of the house for two weeks and can’t see when that might possibly change.

What can you do when everything seems out of control? Not much except record it so that one day when it’s all over you’ll be able to look back and remember! I’m going to keep my isolation journal where I’ll record the beauty I see around me in stark contrast to the news statistics.

The Fritillarias are just coming into bloom – they always look too exotic to be flowering in March. New life!

We have lots of primroses and primulas self sown in the lawn. 

I painted these in watercolour over a layer of acrylic gesso.

Impossible to paint the very crinkly leaves and the tangle of grasses so I didn’t even try!

It would be unthinkable to miss out the cheery daffodils that are in full glory right now wouldn’t it? I hope you are all finding solace in your painting, drawing and stitching right now. There’s no better distraction from the real world. Keep safe and well!

Bye for now,

Linda x