Strippy Scrappy – Finished

I tackled most of the quilting on the machine using the even-feed (walking) foot. That makes short work of these parallel straight rows. It’s a simple solution but one that’s really effective when used in combination with the other techniques in the quilt.

It’s finished! This little quilt is finally complete and I’m really happy with how it looks on the sideboard. These unfinished projects can lurk in a pile for too long when really, it doesn’t take much work to finish them off into something that’s useable and lovely to have around.

For the corners I wanted to echo the design used in the central square. Luckily I found the stencil that I’d used for that middle block and so I stencilled the leaf and berry design using acrylic paints.

You might remember that I’d stashed away a section of hand dyed threads with the unfinished project. They were ideal for the hand quilting. I’ve contour quilted into the background of the stencilled blocks. This is a nice way to handle the unusual background shapes that a stencilled design like this leaves you with, and the variegation of colour in the hand dyed threads makes the quilting look much more interesting.

Finally, I added a binding using some pieced scraps and it was done!

Thanks for reading, I hope you might be inspired to dig out an unfinished project and tackle those final few jobs to complete it.

Talk to you again soon,

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To access this post, you must purchase Strippy Scrappy: Quilting the Spaces.

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