Summer Stitch-Along – 3 Techniques Part 3


Have you noticed this week how we’re working with one shape but exploring it in different techniques? That’s something we love to do all the time and is a great way to bring variety to a piece of work without the project becoming too busy. Our final technique for this week is print. Using the template shape that you used for the applique, make a print block. This could be cut from funky foam, polystyrene food packaging, compressed sponge, or whatever your favourite print block material is.

We’ve chosen to use funky foam to print our diamonds. The shape is quite small and tricky to handle so we’ve made a little handle from some folded paper and glued it to the back of the foam. This’ll make it much easier to pick it up and dab it into the paint and then press onto the fabric.

We’re going to print shapes into the remaining space on the bookwrap. Think about how you’re going to place the prints and perhaps practise a few on some spare fabric to get a feel for how much paint and pressure you need to achieve a good print.

You can use fabric paint or acrylic paint for this, either will work just fine. Don’t forget about your colour palette and if you need to, mix the paints to achieve the right colours.

See how you can use the printed shapes to fill in amongst the applique ones. Allow the paint to dry and fix if required (it’ll say on the product label or manufacturer’s website).

That’s it! It’s been a busy week, but you’re all done. We’ll be back next time with Two Stitches.


Linda and Laura


Thanks so much for joining in with us in our first Summer Stitch-Along. Please share what you’ve made in the DMTV Gallery or on Instagram with #designmatterstv