Week 5 – Summer Stitch Along – Bonded Applique

Of course if you love EPP, there’s no reason why you couldn’t cover your whole bookwrap with this technique, but we have other plans! We’re going to team up the pieced shapes with appliqué ones. You can use the same template shape as before, we find that it’s a really useful design exercise to explore using a single shape, but working with it in different ways.

In the photo below you can see Linda’s book wrap so far, with the section of English paper piecing hemmed down and other shapes bonded nearby. This can be a great way to ‘fragment’ your pieced design.

Technique Two – Bonded Applique

Fuse some of your fabrics to Bondaweb or your favourite fusible webbing. It’s likely that you’ll only need small scraps for this. With the paper backing still in place on the fusible web, draw around your templates using a pencil. You should find the paper backing is easy to draw on. Cut out and peel off the paper backing to leave your fabric shapes with a layer of fusible web on the back.

Place the shapes fusible side down onto your bookwrap. Consider how they might drift away from the pieced section breaking out of the formality of the piecing. See how Linda’s placed hers in the same ‘tumbling blocks’ positions, but started to explode the placement. You can shuffle your shapes around as much as you like until you’re happy with their placement.

You can keep your shapes arranged quite formally as in the piecing, or start to place them more organically. Use as many bonded shapes as you wish, they could even be larger or smaller than your original shape if you want to experiment with scale. Be sure to have the shapes fusible side down and then fuse them in place.

Don’t forget! Leave some empty space, we have one more surface decoration technique for you next week.

We hope your book wrap is starting to look really good by now. If you have questions just drop us a line.

Back soon with more,

Linda and Laura

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