Week 9 – Summer Stitch Along – Finishing

Well we hope you’ve enjoyed the Summer Stitch Along! This is the last week and it’s time to finish off that bookwrap.

When your bookwrap stitching is complete. Place your pattern piece on top and trim as required. As a reminder, the measurements you’re looking for are:

Height = 1/4″ + height of your book + 1/4″

Width = 2″ + width of your book + spine + width of your book + 2″

Next you’ll need to cut some binding strips. Measure the short sides of your bookwrap and cut two pieces of fabric that length x 1 and 1/2″.

Attach the binding to the two short sides taking a 1/4” seam allowance.

Fold the binding strip over to the back of the bookwrap, tuck under the raw edge of the strip and hem down as neatly as you can. Don’t worry about the ends of the binding, they’ll get covered in the next step.

With both short ends of the bookwrap bound, fold each end of the book wrap in 2” and stitch edges at top and bottom to hold in place. This will form a pocket at each end of the wrap. Now bind the long edges taking a 1/4” seam allowance just as you did for the short edges. Cut your binding strips longer than you need them so you have a little excess you can tuck under at each end for neatness so there are no raw edges.

You’ve now formed a neatly bound pocket at each end of your book wrap!

Here’s how Linda’s turned out. We hope you’re pleased with your version. Don’t forget we’d love to see them. Please post images in the Gallery, or on your favourite social media tagging us! Or if you prefer, email us a photo.

We hope you enjoyed this Summer Stitch Along. Let us know if you did and if you’d like to see more Stitch Along projects from us…drop us an email.


Linda and Laura

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