Summer Stitch-Along – Finishing


Well we hope you’ve enjoyed the Summer Stitch Along! This is the last week and it’s time to finish off that bookwrap.

When your bookwrap stitching is complete. Place your pattern piece on top and trim as required. Next you’ll need to cut some binding strips. Measure the short sides of your bookwrap and cut two pieces of fabric that length x 1 1/2″.

Bind the two short sides taking a 1/4” seam allowance.

Fold the binding strip over to the back of the bookwrap, tuck under the raw edge of the strip and hem down as neatly as you can.

With both short ends of the bookwrap bound, fold each end of the book wrap in 2” and stitch edges at top and bottom to hold in place. This will form a pocket at each end of the wrap. Now bind the long edges taking a 1/4” seam allowance just as you did for the short edges.

Slip the covers of your book into the pockets of the book wrap and you’re done!

Here’s how ours turned out. We hope you’re pleased with your version. Don’t forget we’d love to see them. Please post images in the Gallery, or on your favourite social media tagging us! Or if you prefer, email us a photo.


Linda and Laura


  • Gerda P

    Why do you measure with a centimeter-measuring tape but give the amount that we have to add to it in inches???

    • Laura Kemshall

      Hi Gerda, 2inches is 5cm and 1/4″ is about .6cm, but I’d round that up to 1cm for ease! This 1/4″ is just the allowance that you’ll take when you bind, so as long as you’re consistent it won’t matter. We’ll do a detailed post about how to sew and finish the bookwrap as the weeks progress. Sorry for any confusion, we’re so used to working in both cm and inches!

  • Linda

    This sounds do-able, I’m off to choose my book!

  • Lin

    Perfect! I have been promising my sewing journal a cover all year so now is the time. Thank you. xx

  • Great idea! I have so many eco-prints that need using up! I’m in!

  • Leslie

    Hello Ladies, I’m thinking about using my dye recipe book but it has a coil binding.
    What’s the best way to allow for this type of binding?
    Will the additional 2″ be enough or should I add one more inch?
    Your thoughts?
    thanks …../leslie

    • Laura Kemshall

      Hi Leslie, the spiral binding shouldn’t make too much difference. I would measure the book from cover edge around the spine to the other cover edge, while it’s closed. That’s the maximum distance your bookwrap will need to reach. If you add 2″ to each end, that should be enough. It won’t hurt to add more though to be on the safe side if you prefer.

      • Leslie

        thanks again … I’ll do just that … looking forward to next week !

  • Carol Fagan

    It has been an exceedingly wet winter here in NZ but I have enjoyed the Stitch along and despite starting off with a disaster it has got me back into stitching on a regular basis. I wanted to use only stuff from my stash and decided to use these bright satins rather than cotton only I made my templates too large so I have ended up with the baby blocks down the spine of the cover creeping into the front and back. And I have used an A4 notebook to take up some of the size. The butterfly came from another project idea from Pinterest – a Russian post using beads and feathers to create the butterfly and it just seemed to be the right colours to add to the journal wrap. I am now thinking of doing personalised wraps for my granddaughters for Christmas. Thanks so much and I hop Laura is recovering from her recent illness. Here is my wrap almost finished

  • Carol Fagan

    For some reason the pictures wont load

  • Roberta Payne