Summer Stitch Along – Printing (Laura’s version)

Now it’s time to make a print block. Like Linda, I’m using funky foam. Unlike Linda, I’ve used more than one shape for my patchwork. While I could make individual print blocks for each one, I think it’ll be much easier when it comes to the printing to have a composite block. First up, I cut the individual shapes.

Using a piece of heavy card as a base, I stick the foam shapes in position to match the design in the patchwork. To make the block printing easier, I have trimmed the print block so I can easily judge where to place the block in relation to the piecing and the other prints. To help even further, on the back I’ve drawn guides so I can get everything lined up.

I’m using acrylic paint for my printing. Here’s the first one done.

Like Linda advises, I’m not overloading the print block with paint. Instead, just enough paint ensures there’s decent coverage, but no blobs and splurges. I quite like some of the dark grey fabric showing through the paint too.

You know Linda and I love to work in layers and often painting is part of the process; well I had paint left on my palette and a brush to hand, and I couldn’t resist! I added some extra paint to some of my printed shapes, just to modify the colour a little and add more variation that mimicked the piecing.

Here’s how it’s looking now. I’m really pleased with it so far, and while this is just a small book wrap project, I think there’s loads of potential here that could be used for a larger quilt. Next, the stitching!

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