Summer Stitch Along – Stitching (Laura’s version)

My book wrap is to cover a sketchbook that I’m still working in, so it’s important that the wrap is durable enough to survive! Like Linda suggests, I’ve added a layer of fine net tulle over the top of the bonded appliqué shapes. As you can see in the photo below the net is very fine and soft, and barely modifies the colour at all. I’m using this golden colour which just enriches the colour of the fabrics beneath it.

Although the net is very discreet, I only need it over the top of the bonded appliqué shapes. After I’ve quilted around these shapes, I’m trimming the net back close to the stitching line.

This end of the book wrap is the printed area. My print block design had gaps between each of the shapes so the dark grey of the fabric peeps through around each shape. This has given me an obvious place to quilt and I love how sparky the hand stitching looks on that dark background.

I’m using hand dyed cotton threads. They are 30 or 40wt, I can’t remember! But either way, they make a nice bold mark in these bright colours I’ve chosen. If you want your quilting to be more discreet, just choose a thread colour that matches your fabric.

So that’s how it’s looking so far. This quilting is easy, I’m just stitching around every shape so there’s nothing to mark – perfect for the end of the evening when I find myself on the sofa half watching a movie!

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