Week 2 – Summer Stitch Along – Five Colours, Part 2

When deciding on a colour scheme for my bookwrap I choose to work with inspiration from my garden just like Laura but I made sure to select very different colours from her’s. Right now we have sweet peas climbing up willow sticks with clouds of Alchemilla Mollis flowers at their base. The lime green of the Alchemilla against the deep velvety purples and reds of the sweetpeas is a real show stopper and should be perfect for my project.

In this second week of the stitch a long we are suggesting you find five colours from your chosen inspiration – if I look really closely I can see more than that in my posy because of the variation of value in the petals. If I also consider the colour of the leaves and also the jug I’ve placed the flowers in, then there are even more to consider. I may have to be selective! What I do notice is that here the posy is seen against a large expanse of white background and the jug is white too. That dilutes the intensity of the jewel like colours I want to use so I know I will eliminate that from the mix!

With such a complex subject it can be difficult to identify the main colours involved but by taking a photograph, printing it out and then punching a few holes in the image it simplifies the process. The punched shapes will usually show a combination of colours rather than a solid plain colour but if you squint at each you’ll be able to see the dominant colour. Because I usually use hand dyed fabrics the variation of value within each colour won’t be a problem.

Now that I have established my colour palette it’ll be child’s play to select my four fabrics. Hope you’re keeping up with us both – see you again next week!

Linda xx

Thanks so much for joining in with us in our first Summer Stitch-Along. Please share what you’ve made in the DMTV Gallery or on Instagram with #designmatterstv

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