Week 2 – Summer Stitch Along – Five Colours

There’s a world of colour out there and it can be tough to settle on a colour palette for any project. Here are some suggestions for finding a colour scheme to use for your bookwrap.

Look to your book for inspiration – Maybe your book is a sketchbook that you’ve already started working on. Or perhaps it’s a book that you’re altering which has illustrations. Flick through the pages and mark any where the colours particularly appeal.

Look to nature for inspiration – Our gardens are a constant source of inspiration, but equally photos in glossy gardening magazines, and bouquets of flowers in the local florist can provide a rich source of colour. Don’t overthink it, just identify colours that you love.

stitch along

So whether it’s a sketchbook page, or a photo of flowers, make a colour photocopy and using scissors or a craft knife, snip out sections of the main colours that appeal. Pop them in your sketchbook if you like, it’s a fun way to start a page and will be a great colour reference for the future too. In my book, I’ve glued the snipped out colour swatches in a column and stuck down the remainder of the source image onto the facing page.

I decided to mix some watercolour washes to match the colours I’d snipped from the photos and painted them alongside. This isn’t essential, but it’s a really great activity to hone your colour mixing skills whether you are a painter, or like to mix dyes to colour your own fabrics.

We’re challenging you to work with five colours, but it’s likely you might have identified more. Perhaps some are quite similar or from the same colour family, that’s OK! We’ve selected five main colours some of which might just be used as accent colours when we stitch later.

I added a few notes to my page, just to help me think about the nature of the colours that I’d found.

Linda will be back here shortly to show you her starting point and first steps with the project so do come back soon!



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