Surface Design – Sponge Printing

Join Linda in this set of two videos where she demonstrates how effective stamping with compressed sponge can be. This technique is suitable for use on both paper and fabric, but in this class Linda will focus on taking the ideas into fabric and will make a cushion from her stamped fabric that has stitch and beading to enhance the lovely printed texture. 

If you’ve not used compressed sponge before, we’ve also included a convenient link to our free workshop video ‘What is Compressed Sponge’.

There are two video workshops plus one free video in this collection.


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Videos in this collection

Surface Design – Sponge Printing Part 1

Linda demonstrates how you can use compressed sponge as a stamping tool. This easy to use product makes stamps with a lovely texture that’s highly decorative on both paper and fabric.

Surface Design – Sponge Printing Part 2

In this workshop Linda will show you how she’s completing the sponge printed cushion top with stitch and beading to further enhance the texture of the sponge stamped shapes.

What is Compressed Sponge?

Discover one of our favourite print block materials – compressed sponge. It’s easy to mark and cut out into any shape you like. Then simply immerse in water to create a sponge printing block to use with acrylics or fabric paints.