Plant Printed Sketchbook


Take a look through Linda’s plant printed sketchbook. The pages for this book were plant printed using her simple method. They were then bound together by Laura to make the book. Linda’s added drawing, stamping, painting with watercolour and acrylic ink and some small collage elements.

If you’re intrigued by plant printing please do take a look at our video workshop on the topic which included a lesson from Laura on how to make your own sketchbook from the papers you create. Details below.

Approximate run time: 2 mins 26 seconds

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

A flip-through Linda’s hand-bound, plant printed sketchbook with drawing, painting and stamping.

Plant Printing

Be inspired by nature around you and collect leaves to use for plant printing. Linda will show you how to make beautiful contact prints on paper. Laura will demonstrate how to make simply structured, but endlessly creative concertina books to house your prints. Finally Linda shares her ideas for working back into your plant printed sketchbook to edit, refine and add detail. The result will be a truly unique record of the plant material you’ve collected and a fabulous sketchbook for inspiration and further development.