The Painted Quilt

At the heart of everything, we just love paint! We like to think of our quilts just as if they are a canvas to paint on. The added advantage of that of course, is that a quilt has gorgeous texture from the stitch which can be enhanced beautifully by painting.

There's a book

Way back in 2007 we wrote a book called The Painted Quilt, published by David & Charles. In it we gathered together some of our favourite techniques for adding paint to your quilt, both before, and after, the quilting is done.

We hope you’ll check it out, hopefully your local library has a copy or you can purchase a copy from all good bookshops!

Painting shapes and pattern

Handpainted Quilting

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All at Sea: Quilting

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Attic Window

Work along with Linda to sew a traditional Attic Window patchwork quilt with a twist! Add your own applique shapes, quilt and add details with acrylic painting. Along the way, take a look at her quilt Precious Things.

Working with texture

Colour after Quilting

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Wolf Moon – Quilt + Paint

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Stitch Plus Colour

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Other techniques

Foiling on Fabric

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Stencilling Sampler

In this archive collection of 3 videos Linda demonstrates a wide variety of creative techniques using stencilling to produce beautiful and unique designs. She describes her favourite products and explains every step of the process to make a really attractive wallhanging. Finally she explains the hows and whys of completing the work with machine quilting. Linda proves that you can achieve lots of very different results using just one stencil. All of the techniques she includes could be used in many different projects.

Stencilled Iris

Join Linda to use stencilling techniques on fabric to create a beautiful floral wall quilt. She’ll show you how to use paint sticks such as Markal to stencil your design to fabric for a painterly effect. Next she’ll talk you through how to approach the stitching to add detail and interest. There are two workshops in this collection.

Printed Pickle Dish Quilt

Take inspiration from traditional patchwork designs to make a quilt with Laura. Instead of piecing the design, we’ll bring some contemporary style by hand printing the design to fabric before adding machine quilting to complete the project.