Watercolour Painting

Are you new to watercolour? Or want to develop skills you already have? Here you’ll find all our watercolour painting workshops. Waterbased media offers a diverse and wide-ranging approach to painting, mixed media and sketchbook work. Along with conventional watercolour techniques we’ve included some of our favourite related mixed media techniques such as using oil and resist, Neocolor II, and gouache.

Learn to Paint - Watercolour Still Life

We have lots of short workshops (take a look below), but if you’re looking for a painting course please check out Learn to Paint: Watercolour Still Life.

In six sessions with Linda as your tutor (and Laura working along as a student), we’ll cover the materials and equipment you’ll need and a variety of techniques for painting your chosen objects including washes, lifting out, quick methods to draw your subject, using masking fluid and composition.

Explore our other watercolour workshops...

Watercolour Tips – Lifting Out

Join Linda to paint a leaf in watercolour and discover how she creates organic, special effects and finally lifts out fine details. Linda’s leaf shows the first signs of autumn colour and decay – she shows exactly how to achieve that appearance with very simple techniques.

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Painterly Leaves and Texture

Inspired by collected leaves, Linda’s working in her sketchbook with easy to achieve painterly effects with watercolour and acrylic inks.

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Watercolour: Mixing Neutrals

You don’t need to purchase all of the paints in the art shop to be able to mix the colours you need. Join Linda to learn how to mix neutral colours perfect for capturing the subtle, rich tones of autumn. Linda will show you how simple it is to mix these colours and how to paint a study of a fallen leaf.

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Mixing Green

Be inspired by how nature uses green and then learn how to mix your own subtle greens to capture the colour of leaves in your painting. Linda’s working with watercolour, but you can apply these ideas to any paint media or even dyes!

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Handpainted Gouache Resist

Linda will show you a fantastic method for creating a resist painting using gouache and Indian ink. The results are perfect for when you want to add some drama to your painting or sketchbook work.

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Trying Caran D’Ache Neocolor II

Laura’s been experimenting with Caran D’Ache Neocolor II for the first time. Join her to test them out on different papers, and see how she’s been using them, both wet and dry, in her sketchbook pages.

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Mixed Media: Acrylic + Watercolour

Experiment with layers in your painting and printmaking for sketchbook work using a combination of acrylic and watercolour. Linda will show you how you can exploit the properties of each to create interesting effects.

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Using Masking Fluid

Using masking fluid can be a versatile method for your watercolour painting both for conventional paintings and in your sketchbook work. In this workshop Linda will show you different ways to apply it for great effect. 

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Watercolour Rescue

Have you ever started a watercolour painting, but then it didn’t turn out quite as you hoped? Don’t worry! We find that happens all the time, but there are lots of things you can try to rescue your work. In this workshop Linda will guide you through some of the practical solutions she has for fixing those paintings that don’t quite work out first time.

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Stretching Paper

You can stretch your paper to ensure perfectly flat results and easier painting when using watercolour. In this quick demonstration Linda shows you how.

Watercolour Flower Painting

Join Linda for a step-by-step demonstration of painting flowers. She’ll show you how to control washes of watercolour and build layers to paint your subject. See how an underdrawing is successfully integrated into your painting and how to manage the flow of paint and lift out colour where necessary. Even if you’ve never painted with watercolour before, Linda will help you achieve great results.

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Acrylic Inks – Watercolour Style

Acrylic inks are highly versatile. In this workshop see how Linda uses them with a watercolour painting style to make a study of fruit.

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Watercolour Paint Palette Basics

Linda’s often asked about her choice of watercolour paints – discover her recommendations for a basic starter palette here.