Watercolour Still Life – Session Six Paint Along


Paint along with Linda as she works on her still life watercolour. In this video you’ll see Linda complete her painting in real time. Please note, aside from a very short introduction and conclusion, there is no sound on this video. We suggest that you set up your painting space, pop the video on, (and the radio!) and enjoy an hour and a half painting with Linda.

Approximate run time: 1 hour 38 minutes

Presenter: Linda Kemshall

Enjoy an hour and a half painting time with Linda as she works on her watercolour still life in real time.
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This is a paint along session. You’ll need your painting and usual watercolour equipment. This video has no sound (aside from a short intro and conclusion), so you might want to pop on your favourite radio station, podcast or playlist while you work along!

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Watercolour Still Life – Session Six

In Session 6 of the course we’ll work on completing our paintings. Join Linda and Laura for a short critique of Laura’s painting and to see the final touches to complete it. Don’t miss the accompanying paint-along video with Linda.

Watercolour Still Life – Session Five

In Session 5 of the course we’ll carefully consider the selection and grouping of a collection of objects as a subject to paint. Setting up a successful arrangement of objects is key to making a good painting. Laura will make a start on her final painting for the course and Linda will demonstrate a neat lifting out technique for retrieving highlights.

Watercolour Still Life – Session Four

In Session 4 of the course we’ll look at ways to paint fabric in our still life. A draped cloth can add interest and movement to your arrangement. We’ll look at painting a striped cloth and also a lace fabric, experimenting with using resist methods and negative painting.

Watercolour Still Life – Session Three

In Session 3 of the course we’ll paint a patterned 3D object. We’ll demonstrate painting teapots and china jugs, but maybe you have a patterned vase or or tin that you’d prefer to include in your still life? Linda will demonstrate how to handle the pattern without painting every detail. 

Watercolour Still Life – Session Two

In Session 2 of the course we’ll look at how to paint a transparent object. Linda will demonstrate painting a glass of water but you can paint any glass object. See how she uses masking fluid to preserve the highlights.

Watercolour Still Life – Session One

In the first session we’ll take a look at the materials and equipment you need to get started with watercolour painting, talk about the colours you might choose in your palette, different papers and brushes, then we’ll jump straight in and paint a piece of fruit.

Stretching Paper

You can stretch your paper to ensure perfectly flat results and easier painting when using watercolour. In this quick demonstration Linda shows you how.